6 thoughts on “Portland bans new gas stations because of global warming”

  1. Looks like “Portlandia” was a documentary.

    The oil boys should just pull out of Oregon and let the lefty greens get on with it.

  2. So, the gas lines will grow even longer and the political class will use cardlock stations that only they can access (or build them despite the ban.)

    Maybe the poor and middle class Portlandians will boot the neo-Commies this time.

  3. Oregon is the only state where private citizens aren’t considered responsible enough to pump their own gasoline.
    Yet even slacker looser dopers are allowed to vote as soon as they turn 18.
    Since there are Federal Regulations that require the replacement of fuel storage tanks on a regular basis to prevent tank leakage from aged-out tanks allowing leakage into the surrounding area Portland, OR. has put itself on a five year plan to transportation system failure. As fueling facilities are shut down by this regulation the remaining facilities will increase their prices in order to maximize their profits for their remaining operating span.
    Never mind the impact on private vehicle owners. Once again short sighted zealots have enacted regulations that will make living in their jurisdiction more costly for those least able to afford an increase in living costs.
    What is the city going to do when under Federal Regulation it has to replace the fuel tanks that city vehicles are supplied from and they can’t install the replacement tankage because of insane and short sighted city regulations?

  4. I swore off Oregon when I took a business trip there in 2002 and was threatened with arrest if I insisted on pumping my own gas.
    I now understand the phrase ‘institutionalized insanity’.

  5. Weird enough that it should be cause for gloating even for the professional class of crony socialist curmudgeons who infest Oregon.

  6. Kathlean Keesler Jagger is who I am. Kathlean J Perlin is who I was for 23 years. This news is the best ever PORTLAND – gas station tanks leak. The leaks run right into our WATER SHEDS. So few people understand the “down stream” theory. I suppose here is as good a place as any to hand you http://www.santacruzpatch.com and my track record dated back to 2010 American Red Cross %Big Wave (tsunami)

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