3 thoughts on “Do Climate Change Alarmists Have No Shame?”

  1. Insanity stalks the land. These lunatics are scary because they have a following of the undereducated who deceive themselves that they are saving the planet. So convinced are they of the correctness of their cause that they will try and crush anyone who gets in their way.

    The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.

  2. Fear Factor – Axis of Evil – war on global terrorism. Between now and 2030 millions will die due to CLIMATE MODIFICATION – a term few are speaking of. When the same people plan an EVENT the size of Paris attacks COP21 took a whole new TWIST and SHOUT. Who am I many ask…. I am all over your INTERNET controversial – I COULD CARELESS “she needs meds” WAKE UP PEOPLE! Climate modification is the HOAX. #Chemtrails

  3. Simply shoot at them. Every time they show up in public.

    You don’t have to hit them. Just a few admonitory near-misses. Or flesh wounds, if you’re in a particularly bloody mind at the moment.

    Remember, no cartridge expended when aiming at a target is ever wasted.

    They want to use “fear” against innocent people? Heck, they’ve just become scientologically qualified “fair game.”

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