4 thoughts on “Peruvian farmer sues German energy giant over climate change”

  1. The one thing all Leftwing ideologies have in common is that they attract intellectuals who have a talent for propaganda. This is an example perfectly timed for a photo to go with COP21’s excitable media coverage, featuring repeated warning of doom to come (maybe) sometime in the future.

    Not since Churchill has the Right had a fluent and witty spokesperson capable of talking sense. It about time we found one.

  2. He should be reminded thatthe Scandinavian fjords are witness to the fact that all glaciers melt in the fullness of time – that is Mother Nature at work. Work which she will continue with despite all the unfounded claims against her. All I can think when I see this kind of rubbish is just how arrogant all these warmers are – my money is on Mother Nature since I truly believe that she will have the last laugh

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