6 thoughts on “Warmist mafia pulls out all stops in helping NOAA hide disappear-pause-study e-mails”

  1. Well how do you think that Congress can force this lawless administration to comply? They sure haven’t been able to it on any other scandal or important issue so far!
    The IRS scandal went nowhere.
    The Benghazi scandal went nowhere
    The Hilary e-mail scandal seems to be going nowhere.
    So what should a logical person believe will be the result of this one?

  2. Where were all of these scientific organizations when Patrick Micheals, a skeptic climate scientist at UVA, had his emails handed over to an NGO?

  3. These guys are not scientists, as a true scientist you welcome peer review and transparency. That is the very nature of science. They run the risk of undermining science completely and as their paymasters our elected representatives have a right to review on our behalf. He who pays the piper! The “chilling effect” will be as likely as the anthropogenic warming effect!

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