4 thoughts on “Mistaken Advice on Red Meat and Cancer”

  1. Oh dear!!! Don’t tell me that you agree with anti-smoker junk science or that my comment challenges your pre-conceived ideas as to what constitutes ‘junk science’ through learned anti-smoker propaganda? Do you think that climate change junk science is unique and just ‘appeared’ out of nowhere? If you refuse to acknowledge that the anti-smoker agenda is what gave rise to the global warming agenda and you refuse to allow any arguments to be aired in that area, that YOU can challenge IF you wish – as should be the case with real scientific dialogue, your crusade is going nowhere, except into the junk science fold. Wrap it up steve, you’re wasting your time – this is basic stuff.

  2. Ever notice how these alarmist “studies”, only target harmless, beneficial even vital substances? How often do we see a Study indicating” that heroi9n “may cause cancer!” Or “smoking MJ may lead to heart conditions!” Or “Promiscuous sex may lead to AIDS!” I recently saw posted on my ISP webpage a shocking question: “Could Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle have led to his HIV?” Oh no, HIV is transmitted from Pluto by an energy beam that strikes random individuals. (sarc) Even if there are studies that show these things, they will never be reported by the MSM .

  3. If you look to the history of PETA’s slogans you find that red meat was said to cause cancer. Nothing new here just some PETA members working for WHO and pushing their anti-meat eating agenda!

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