I’m sorry, this made me laugh…

Warmists want everyone to worship at the cult of expert.

From The Independent (UK):

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.32.59 PM

Not sure who anointed Lord Blowhard as such, but there you have it. Who thinks economists are authoritative, anyway? Economists are lucky (and can become famous) if they are even momentarily correct about one thing in their careers.

3 thoughts on “I’m sorry, this made me laugh…”

  1. I believe this, it is far past time to get out of the “global Agenda 21” and get it out of here. We need to protect our Constitution above all, and Fix our own Nation before we take on fixing any other, or helping any other. I wish people would actually study the UNs Agenda 21 and its implementation, and one major factor of Agenda control moving forward is the “sustainable development” part and the necessity of the global warming fear to justify the “sustainable” concept in all that we do. Want to lose our freedoms and Constitution within the decade… Just continue to allow the UN to bump us, bit by bit, until we have signed authority over to the UN. Agenda 21 is the complete socialism of the globe.

  2. Lord Stern is rightly famous, but rather because of the incredible junk he produced in his report, starting with his unability to calculate interest.

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