4 thoughts on “Another green embarrassment — A Car Dealers Won’t Sell: It’s Electric”

  1. In my area of the country, the source of electric generation is 50% coal, 25% nuclear, 20% natural gas, 5%other. So electric cars are basically hydrocarbon powered vehicles with extremely long transmissions and exhaust systems. Nuclear power does not produce CO2 but the same people who are scared to death by fossil fuels also hate nuclear.

  2. One day coming home from work I noticed a brand new nissan leaf on the side of the road. The next day I saw the leaf about 2 miles further down the road. I hope the poor sap got his money back because it sure looks like the car did not work for him.

    A green fool that is a co worker scrimped and saved and bought a tesla. Sold it in the spring after she realized that it didn’t have enough range in the winter to be a daily driver. lost a lot of money, but now she drives a bmw CUV.

  3. WHO killed the electric car in the days of Pete Seeger ? EPA crushed them. Who refused NJ sell fuel free cars? THEY kicked the single dealer out of “town” New Jersey 2012! Gotta ask – who went on an all out attack when Willie Nelson did his BIO FUEL pumps for 18 WHEELER big rigs?

  4. Dealers make a lot of their profits from the service department.
    Electric Cars don’t need as frequent or as expensive service as the current generation of gas-powered cars [ which take much less service than they did 50 years ago] so the dealers don’t have that revenue stream to pay some of their overhead and generate profits.
    It’s three or more years before an electric car needs the battery pack changed out and that isn’t a high profit service for the dealers so there is little attraction or incentive for dealers to “push” electric vehicles.

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