3 thoughts on “Greens push for EPA to come down hard on states over climate plans”

  1. That’s what can be done with nuclear fusion, if there was money for it. Why can’t private companies fund fusion research, if it’s so profitable, you may ask. Two reasons: it may take longer than patent limits to make it commercially viable, and more importantly, incentives of executives do not match incentives of corporations’ shareholders because executives are concerned with much nearer-term performance.

  2. I am all in favor of having more efficient electrically powered devices of all kinds for all purposes. I am all in favor of having boundless and unlimited renewable, non-polluting sources of energy with which to power all of our technological devices — electrical or otherwise. To make those things possible I am also very much in favor of someone making the amendments and changes to the laws of thermodynamics that are necessary to make all of our wishy, hopey dreams for boundless energy come true. Hoo dat hoo doo dat and why don’t they get hoppin’ and get it done instead of spending their time and so much energy going to rallies to mullygrub about the way things are?

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