6 thoughts on “Climate Change Kills the Mood: Economists Warn of Less Sex on a Warmer Planet”

  1. What about the spike in births in NYC in April of 1966 and 1978, nine months after the great NYC blackouts, both of which occurred during the cold, grey month of July?

  2. It’s amazing what crap gets published when it corresponds to the political correct orthodoxy.

    After a lifetime in the sciences and trying to control non-causal factors I have become more and more skeptical of political-popular “results”.

  3. Don’t ask these idiots to use the slightest modicum of common sense. As pointed out some of the highest birth rates in the world are in the hottest places on earth – what amazes me is why the funders of these idiots persist with such meat heads!

  4. Tell that to those in the hottest areas of the Earth — Africa, the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia, where they have some of the highest birth rates.

  5. Someone should tell my home states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Amazingly hot states practically year round with unusually high pregnancy rates…..strange how “research ” doesn’t equal reality sometimes.

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