Claim: Diet Coke heart risk; 2 a day raise danger 25%


This study is junk science because:

  • The causes of heart disease are multitudinous;
  • The reported correlations are extremely weak and, so flaky; and
  • There is no biological plausibility to the claim.

Here is the report from The Sun (UK):

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.37.30 PM copy

2 thoughts on “Claim: Diet Coke heart risk; 2 a day raise danger 25%”

  1. Another reason is that the statistics on heart disease are wildly inaccurate. Mostly based on death certificate diagnoses and self-related information conveyed by telephone interview and/or survey-type questionnaires. Also a number of studies on diagnoses of heart related disorders in hospitalized patients show that the clinical diagnoses based on histories, clinical course, and hospital tests are wrong between 1/3 and 1/2 the time. I cited a few of the references for this in my book “The Cholesterol Delusion”.

  2. Another glaring problem with this “study”, self-reporting of consumption. Geez. And an Amen to E.N. Curtis above.

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