2 thoughts on “Claim: ENTIRE West Antarctic ice sheet could collapse and raise global sea levels by 10ft”

  1. Where on this earth do these idiots get such ideas – out of comics.
    It is well documented that the Antarctic is growing ice and has done continuously for over the past fifty years – yes there has been some release of ice in one area and this has also been pretty well documented as being caused by undersea geothermal activity.
    I think these people have a few puffs and then go into some kind of dreamland – we have been listening to this crap since the 1980s, with not one jot of it ever becoming true – I f I had any money I would take these people to the highest court in the land with a please explain and justify your statement other wise go to gaol and do not stop at ‘Go’ (that’s the sort of mentality they would understand given the verbal diarrhea that spews from their mouths)

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