Oh… it’s the Freedom FROM Information Act

I asked the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for e-mails relating to the EPA study published in the NIEHS journal Environmental Health Perspectives that started me on the EPA human testing controversy. Here’s a sample page from what I received today:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.37.34 PM copy

The other docs I received are here and here. Every substantive piece of information has been redacted.

Keep in mind the documents requested don’t relate to national security or any personal information. These documents relate only to the publication of a taxpayer-funded study in a taxpayer-funded journal.

4 thoughts on “Oh… it’s the Freedom FROM Information Act”

  1. the only way for it to change Michael of for the agencies to be eliminated. Lots of luck with that. *sigh*

  2. Ah, yes…
    The patented bureaucratic runaround. EPA *is* after all providing “documents.” But, you will protest, and they will reply, and you will protest, and they will reply (repeat as needed).

    As you know, this sort of thing also goes on with most NGOs. I was a *founder* of an ASTM sub-committee investigating the Chinese drywall mess. They advocated a wrong analytical method, over the strenuous objections of anyone on the committee who knew anything about analytical methods, and yes, we were given our “grievance process.” Which was merely a charade.

    Total BS and a waste of time. But, this applies to every single regulatory agency.

    The only way these institutions change is for the old guard to die and hopefully better new folks come in. OR–just get the govt out of the regulatory business altogether.

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