Michael Mann loses another fake Nobel prize

Yesterday, I learned that Youngstown State University had made the following claim about hokey stick inventor Michael Mann.


Despite Mann’s repeated claims, he has never won a Nobel prize.

I alerted Youngstown State’s Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer about the error and he promptly e-mailed back:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.34.37 PM copy

So Mann is back to just being part of the IPCC — as was, say, skeptic John Christy. Although Christy never falsely claimed to be a Nobel prize winner.

JunkScience has also taken away Nobel prizes awarded to Mann by UCLA, Angelo State University, and Economia magazine.

8 thoughts on “Michael Mann loses another fake Nobel prize”

  1. Dr. Michael E. Mann, Director, Earth System Science Center, and Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State University.

    Is he not the fellow that had his fraudulent work investigated by the white washing administration at Penn State? Now, he has moved on, to the more prestigious Youngstown University to continue his scientific endeavors? Is it that Michael Mann?

  2. Nobel PEACE prize. In other words a political award and nothing to do with science. These guys are a disgrace.

  3. Even the UN IPCC declared in a US court of law in the case concerning Mark Steyn that Mann was not a recipient. Thus forcing Mann to change his charge which was originally stated as “defamation of a Nobel Prize recipient”

    So Dr. Beierdorfer is not “going forward” but is going backward when it comes to integrity.

  4. By convincing himself that he is doing God’s work, of course. I could give you the names of many more grant-supported academic “scientists” who are just the same.

    Or, you could just see who gets the most money from NIH—for starters.

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