2 thoughts on “NASA: Antarctic ice sheet expanding — either despite or because of global warming”

  1. #1: the name ”NASA” strongly suggests that: NASA should stick to what is meant for, not about Antarctic’s ice; or the phony global warming.

    #2: the amount of polar cap’s ice doesn’t depend on the ”coldness” BUT: on the amount of raw material for creation of ice, by ”freeze-drying the moisture in the air”; to replenish the lost ice melted from below, by the geothermal heat, OR by the strength of the currents in Arctic oceans.

    #3: on Antarctic is enough coldness, to create another 30km thick ice on the top of the existing one, only if it was enough WV in the air as raw material to create the ice. therefore: it exclusively depends on the amount of WV that comes in the air, from warmer latitudes!

    #4: on Antarctic; when the steam from your coffee cup goes out at 95C, (203F)- it takes 6-9 seconds to turn into ice crystals => therefore: -” debating about the amount of ice on the polar caps as indicators of ”global temperature” only serves the Warmist agenda!!!!!!!!!


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