French government ordered skeptic meteorologist fired?

That’s what Philippe Verdier suggests. Probably lucky he wasn’t guillotined.

Below is the translation of this Le Figaro article.


Philippe Verdier announced it has been dismissed by France Télévisions
By Xavier.Allain, Sarah Lecoeuvre Updated 01/11/2015 at 11:05 Published on 11/01/2015 at 10:57

THE SCAN TV / VIDEO – In a video, the weather service head of France 2 has staged the opening of a letter in which he would learn his final eviction of the chain, following the publication of his controversial book.

End credits for Philippe Verdier. The petition launched on the Internet, as well as the support of many Republicans deputies have not had the desired effect.
The Head of Weather France 2, away from the antenna to its challenges to the consequences of global warming, aired Saturday night, a video claiming he was fired by the public channel. This video, which Philippe Verdier takes the stage, speaking front camera, was posted on Dailymotion in editions of his book Climate controversy investigation, the Ring editions.

For a few seconds, it appears then explains that he received a letter from the management of France Télévisions. It then proceeds with the opening of the letter, which followed a call by the management of the chain of human resources to initiate dismissal proceedings. Philippe Verdier explains to want to open the letter with the viewer, “in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of information”. So he reads the letter, presumably announcing his dismissal, the picture freezes. A text on the screen will indicate that Philippe Verdier was “dismissed one month before the COP21”, the climate conference to be held in Paris in December.

A penalty of the Elysee?

In this book published at the beginning of October, the journalist-presenter shared his skepticism on the results of the UN conference about climate change. Moreover, this climate-skeptic had addressed an open letter to Francois Hollande in which he denounced the government’s lack of interest in this case. With the approach of the COP 21, this position is wrong fallen.

In the columns of Paris Match, the new president of France Télévisions had commented on the matter: “When you are an employee of a house as France Télévisions, it is necessary to distinguish between personal opinion and what is done to bring to the company. There, there was confusion, and it’s my problem, “says one which acknowledges only” traveled the Book “in question.

Philippe Verdier had, initially, been ruled by France Télévisions antennas. The group had preferred to extend his leave taken for the promotion of his book. Asked on RTL at that time, the journalist said he was shocked: “It touches me deeply. This is not a decision for me, “assured one who, at the time, did not yet know his fate.

The next day, on Europe 1, he considered it “entirely possible” that his antenna eviction was ordered by the government. “Inevitably, when someone gets in the road of the COP 21, it is no fun at the Elysee,” he said when the microphone of Jean-Marc Morandini.

3 thoughts on “French government ordered skeptic meteorologist fired?”

  1. I think we should celebrate the advance of civilization in France!!! During the Inquisition, internment in spiked coffins was reserved for Heretics. In later years, Jean d’Arc was burned at the stake, followed by a number of scientists who’s last view was of the guillotine’s head-catching bucket.

    Of course, here in the US we have “Maniacal Media Mangling” coupled with “Demonization by Distortion.”

    At least you end up looking down on the grass rather than up at the roots in both places!

  2. Even if those like NOAA were not refusing to defend their warming adjustments to global temperature leaving only the satellites showing no warming for 18years, even if the scandal didn’t stick to high heaven, he still has the human rights to speak his mind in a book, which I assume was written in his own time.

    But this scam does stink, there’s absolutely no doubt that those pushing it have their snouts so deep in the trough of public money that they don’t want to see the truth. No trends in extreme weather, the number of droughts floods, are not increasing, polar bears are doing fine, global sea ice is back to normal, Antarctic ice is increasing. CO2 – the plant food is leading to record harvests worldwide.

    This scam has nothing to back it up, yet the vitriol and hatred of some arrogant politicians can’t stand real scientists pointing out the truth.

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