One thought on “Meteorologist Bastardi: Patricia doesn’t support the claim that hurricanes are getting stronger”

  1. Cyclone Yazzi was supposed to be a megacyclone. Oh how disappointing that by the time it hit land most of the wind had been used up (for want of better words to describe my meaning). What was supposed to be a cat 5 turned out to be a cat 4!!

    When I heard about Patricia, I heard all the hype and I thought “here we go again”, another storm is being hyped to promote climate change clap trap.

    In Australia we have had a warm spring. This has been enough to bring out the climate scaremongers and they are coming out in droves. They are all about hype and not about truth.

    There was a lot of damage associated with Patricia, there was a lot of damage associated with Yazzi, but the same is true about the cyclonic storm that hit the Central Coast and the Newcastle region. We were lucky because only the colourbond fence across the road went for a noisy stroll in the middle of the night!! On the other hand suburbs surrounding us had their electricity knocked out, a lot of trees fell and there was quite a bit of chaos until everything was back to normal. Yet there was no hype about this storm that hit suddenly in the middle of the night.

    The climate liars choose their disasters carefully, yet in the end they get egg all over their faces.

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