3 thoughts on “NYTimes: Data availability is the cure for scientist cheating”

  1. As a student I learned that “science” is not a body of lore – it is a method of learning. The “scientific method” is the heart of all true science. It *requires* that work can be independently reviewed, validated, and where feasible experimentally tested. Science is a method used to search for truth.
    On the other hand, “secrecy” is a political and military tool. 2500 years ago Sun Tzu wrote that all war is based on deception. Anyone who resists sharing ‘scientific’ data is not seeking enlightenment. He is seeking control.

  2. @steve–
    Great idea… And, the end result for sure would be that at least 30% of the studies published are garbage. then what?

    Wait…I know! Stop govt funding of research, or absent that, be banned for life if caught cheating, with penalties going to the host institution, as well.

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