5 thoughts on “Video: Tesla electric cars charged via DIESEL generator at Tesla battery swap station”

  1. So what? The technology is new and they’re trying to make it acceptable to those willing to make the leap. When calculaters first came out, I could add faster in my brain, so, did that make the technology worthless. I would guess it’s still cheaper than gas and it provides much greater range for the owners who are provided to service free of charge. Not a bad deal … Win/win in my opinion.

  2. Lets assume that the generator is rated to 50 kw and the battery on the Tesla holds 500 kwh. Do the math.

  3. I agree, having a diesel generator there pumping away to make electricity to fuel the car almost defeats the purpose of an electric car. Now, it we could have some solar generators powering the Tesla, it would be a different story. Anyways, interesting video, thanks for sharing.

  4. There is no way an electric car is cheaper to run if it requires gas or diesel to charge up. Those solar powered recharge stations won’t work at night.

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