Shocking letter of intimidation from Congressman to MIT re climate skeptic Richard Lindzen

‘Democrat’ Congressman Raul Grijalva closes in on 1933 Germany, and the Soviet Union.

Here’s the letter from Rep. Raul Grijalva (Comrade-Ariz.) to the president of MIT.

Check out Rep. Grijalva’s background with the Communist Party USA.

21 thoughts on “Shocking letter of intimidation from Congressman to MIT re climate skeptic Richard Lindzen”

  1. Grijalva and Markey have NO authority, zero, to enforce or even demand compliance. That these institutions need to do is tell them both to go pound sand and tell them they won’t be party to a partisan witch hunt. That would be in a world where courage and moral backbone was not exhausted.

  2. Funny how the Left resorts to government strangleholds as their first impulse while pretending to be liberal and conservatives are taken advantage of through their desire to be fair minded to a fault. Funny how nobody but the Left is laughing.

    Get their hands off of government if it isn’t too late already.

  3. Just a random Congressman doing his random job. This is one instance where MIT might successfully garner huge support by fighting the investigation. Akin to the unlikely support Mark Steyn has received from media outlets and the AC:U for his pushback. This guy is even more vulnerable than Dr. NobelNot and can be accurately fixed as another unsavory public face of climate intimidation.

    Then again, the process is the punishment, as Steyn notes from his 3-year old journey to bankruptcy.

  4. A Republican National Committee investigation into staffers who bear responsibility for dumbing down the Mont Pelerin Society and making life easy for Chris Mooney is long overdue.

  5. Jason H: My comment is intentionally rude: I would strike out the three stars and replace them with suitable letters well known to anyone.
    On the serious side, someone should look up whose errands the good Congressman is running. I have seen at close range the fate of honest scientists in the hands of low-foreheaded bullies who regard objective science as a threat to their own goals. American Democracy is great, but this guy is now over the top.
    You should be very, very alert regarding these traitors and kick them out office while you still can. The real danger is that a handful of them coming out in democratic elections can seize power overnight, and once they succeed in using democracy as leverage to power there is no return.

  6. Joe McCarthy was at least after Commies.
    Even if he went after the wrong ones (at the time).

    These blacklisting b**tards need to be recalled before the witch trials begin for real.

  7. It might be interesting to respond in a later in identical format asking fo rthe congressman’s and the Democratic party’s funding information. Starting by pointing out that George Soros is a well known climate alarmist and Socialist.

  8. Now that there is a light shinning on this issue, Grijalva will back off! Cockroaches don’t like light.

  9. Grijalva didn’t personally write that letter. He isn’t that smart. It is obviously the work of an unnamed, radical, who may or may not even work for him.

  10. It’s fair enough that scientists who testify before Congress disclose their funding sources.

    It’s also fair enough that such scientists disclose their…
    …raw data,
    …their reasons for all adjustments made to the raw data,
    …the code behind their computer models,
    …and the names of all journals they serve as expect reviewers.

  11. One strategy may be to ignore the letter and don’t comply. Acting in contempt of Congress seems to have no consequences anyway. Just ask Eric Holder……

  12. Very “Atlas Shrugged” of you Democrat’ Congressman Raul Grijalva. You don’t care where the funding of warmists originates do you? All opposition must be stamped out. You don’t run the world and never will.

  13. The letter demands so much research and information that it would (as it intends to do) stop all work within the college department. They would have to spend all their time to just comply with the demands in the letter.
    Once they comply, it will be followed with more demands and threats until it isn’t worth it for MIT to keep the professor around any more.
    Which is the goal.

  14. As I posted on Bob Tisdale’s site this morning:

    The unmistakably clear message is:

    “Be truthful at your peril”

  15. Will Commissar Grijalva also ask Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and Tom Steyer for information regarding who they funded?

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