Mann on the Mooney — Part 1: The Washington Post, Michael Mann and the Boston Blizzards

It seems Washington Post environment “reporter” Chris Mooney might want to think twice about parroting anything fake Nobel Prize-winning warmist Michael Mann says.

In an attempt to link “global warming” with this winter’s snowfall in Boston, Mooney writes:

Mooney Mann

But according to a 2012 study in Geophysical Research Letters, global water vapor is NOT increasing (h/t Roger Pielke Sr.)

Global Water Vapor

We look forward to more Mann-on-the-Mooneys since: (1) Mooney is not a reporter for the WaPo so much as he is a long-time propagandist for warmunism; and (2) Mann seems to be one of Mooney’s go-to “scientists” (see below Google search for just the past three weeks).

Mann Mooney

10 thoughts on “Mann on the Mooney — Part 1: The Washington Post, Michael Mann and the Boston Blizzards”

  1. I seem to recall quite a few big east coast snow storms that have the low hanging out over the ocean where it can pick up moisture and the cold front over land so we got heavier snow. The northeast is getting pounded because of weather patterns. Lake effect works similarly, cold air picking up moisture from the warmer lakes. But I guess any weather event out of the narrowly defined norm is a sure sign of climate change.

    Besides, this can’t be happening. Snow in New England is a thing of the past due to climate change. A consensus of scientists agreed on that.

  2. Where do they get 11.5C is 21F? If they can’t do a basic temperature conversion, how can they understand the climate?
    Plus if that is the case, who needs a heated pool. Just swim off the coast. I’d like to dare Mr. Mooney the Looney to do just that and see how it feels. #hypothermia?

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