Mann on the Mooney — Part 2: Mann responds to JunkScience criticism

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Earlier today, we pointed out that Mann’s claim of global warming enhancing the Boston blizzard was not born out by the relevant data (See Mann on the Mooney — Part 1).

Mann then took time out from his busy schedule of basking in the glow of his fake Nobel Prize…


… to respond, but not with anything remotely scientific to back up his claims. Instead he merely regurgitated (again) the following false attack on the former editor of JunkScience.

Mann response to Boston snow

Regardless, the available data show that “global warming” is not increasing the amount of water available to fall as snow. Personal attacks do not rebut that fact.

4 thoughts on “Mann on the Mooney — Part 2: Mann responds to JunkScience criticism”

  1. Not that long ago people were saying, “Global warming must be true. Back in the ’60s and ’70s we used to have really big snowfalls.”

    Now we’re getting snowfalls like we used to get back in the ’60s and ’70s and people are saying that it’s caused by global warming.

  2. It especially can’t affect precipitation UPWIND in a strong weather system!!


    Mann really is a moron thinking everyone will just ASSume what he is saying makes sense!!

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