12 thoughts on “Shock: Look who kids get to idolize in school”

  1. When the government of Taiwan wanted to use nuclear power plants they set upon an educational process that explained well the science and relative safety of such plants. They did so because of the irrational reaction of Americans to three mile island. The program backfired.So there is some hope here, although the object of the instruction is stupid in its own right.

  2. It has already started in Australia.
    Five years ago my youngest had to sit through “An Inconvenient Truth”, then the ubiquitous referral to it, and global warming, in his Geography class ad nauseum.
    The school principal refers to climate change and other nonsense in the school’s newsletter at every given opportunity.
    We be rooned!

  3. I should say that it was the farmers who were killed without judicial process but the same was true for Che. Sickening in either event.

  4. Good Lord. Glorifying the mass murderer of the middle class peasant farmers in Cuba. Killed without any judicial process. And not only did he kill those who resisted turning over their property to him and Cuban state, he said that enjoyed it.

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