5 thoughts on “Wild-ass claim: Secondhand smoke causes obesity”

  1. I avoid second-hand smoke simply because I don’t like it. I think that’s a good enough reason to avoid it. I don’t need to be lied about its health effects on top of that.

  2. This is *really* about stirring up research grants.
    The term “risk factor” in medical research has practically become a license to pring money. It exempts the research from counter-examples while allowing enough wiggle room to turn an 18-wheeler around.

  3. This is not about health. It is about drawing attention to themselves. Like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

  4. A classic case of data mining. Exposure to second hand smoke is blamed for just about everything bad. Show me the bodies. People are exposed to automobile exhaust at far higher numbers where are the studies showing harm.

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