Is This How You Feel? (Climategate 2.0 Edition)

In a maudlin effort to advance warmism, the web site Is This How You Feel presents handwritten notes from 25 warmists, including Michael Mann and Kevin Trenberth, expressing how they “feel” about global warming. Below are some expressions of warmist feelings from Climategate 2.0:

  1. Tom Wigley: “… the possibility that, through the lies and misdirections of Clinton, Gore and Kerry, we may have lost the opportunity to solve the problem cheaply.”
  2. Keith Briffa: “I believe that the recent warmth was probably matched about 1000 years ago. I do not believe that global mean annual temperatures have simply cooled progressively over thousands of years as Mike [Mann] appears to …”
  3. Malcolm Hughes (Hokey Stick Co-Inventor): “All of our attempts, so far, to estimate hemisphere-scale temperatures for the period around 1000 years ago are based on far fewer data than any of us would like. None of the datasets used so far has anything like the geographical distribution that experience with recent centuries indicates we need, and no-one has yet found a convincing way of validating the lower-frequency components of them against independent data. As Ed wrote, in the tree-ring records that form the backbone of most of the published estimates, the problem of poor replication near the beginnings of records is particularly acute, and ubiquitous. I would suggest that this problem probably cuts in closer to 1600 than 1400 in the several
    published series. Therefore, I accept that everything we are doing is preliminary, and should be treated with
    considerable caution.”
  4. Gavin Schmidt: “Frankly, I would simply put the whole CRU database (in an as-impenetrable-as-possible form) up on the web site…”
  5. Tom Wigley (to Keith Briffa): “Why don’t you just give these people the raw data? Are you hiding something — your apparent refusal to be forthcoming sure makes it look as though you are.”
  6. Phil Jones (to Michael Mann): “Keith [Briffa] didn’t mention in his Science piece but both of us think that you’re on very dodgy ground with this long-term decline in temperatures on the 1000 year timescale.”
  7. Ray Bradley (on censorship efforts by Michael Mann): “I would like to diasassociate myself from Mike Mann’s view… As for thinking that it is “Better that nothing appear, than something unnacceptable to us” … though we are the gatekeepers of all that is acceptable in the world of paleoclimatology seems amazingly arrogant.”
  8. Mike Hulme (on James Hansen hysteria): “Oh dear, we’re doomed, we’re all doomed! ‘Whipsaws’ now join ‘feedbacks’, ‘flips’ and ‘tipping points’ in the Earth science lexicon. Hansen certainly uses the words ‘peril’, ‘planetary rescue’, etc. so it’s hard to blame Steve Connor, but what are we to make of all this? Does Jim want us to stop sleeping at night?”
  9. Phil Jones on (Michael Mann’s hokey stick): “Mike did pad his data a little at the ends…”
  10. Tom Wigley: “Quantifying climate sensitivity from real world data cannot even be done using present-day data, including satellite data.”
  11. Ed Cook (on historic global temperature): “We know with certainty that we know fuck-all.”
  12. Tom Wigley (on sharing scientific data): “Personally, I see no reason why one should disclose all data and all methodological details — unless required to by the funding authority.”
  13. Ed Cook (on Mann criticizing his critics): “I don’t plan on weighing in on this mess other than to suggest that Mike [Mann], Ray [Bradley], and Malcolm [Hughes] are living in glass houses when they criticize the [Jan] Esper work in the way they do.”
  14. Keith Briffa (suggests a phony audit of Mann’s hokey stick): “We three have been discussing the weeks shenanigans and thought we should start the wider discussion on the concept and practical aspects of someone (perhaps us – perhaps not us) doing the “independent” audit of your 98 and/or 99 work.”
  15. Phil Jones (on temperature data sharing): “I don’t see why I should make the raw data we’ve collected available.”
  16. Phil Jones (on the origin of the IPCC 2-degree temp limit): “I think it is plucked out of thin air.”
  17. Phil Jones (on criticism): “I recall giving lectures in the past when there would be one person who would disagree with something or all I said in an invited talk. The internet has allowed all these people
    to find one another unfortunately.”
  18. Douglas Maraun (on circling the wagons around the hockey stick): “I think, that ‘our’ reaction on the errors found in Mike Mann’s work were not especially honest.”
  19. Mike Hulme (passes on Phil Jones’ request to delete e-mails after the Climategate scandal broke): “After the recent problems with ClimateAudit, Phil has asked for all unnecessary files to be purged from the FTP server.”

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  1. If feelings were important to science, I would be practicing alchemy – transmuting base metals into higher ‘vibration states’, brewing panacaeas, and trying to fabricate the Lapis Philosophorum for my own immortality.

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