Food Police cheer FDA move on mandatory calorie labeling

But is labeling effective?

Click for a NYTimes editorial cheering labeling even while admitting “mixed” results.

Click for “Mandatory calorie postings at fast-food chains often ignored or unseen, does not influence food choice.’

12 thoughts on “Food Police cheer FDA move on mandatory calorie labeling”

  1. “The Food and Drug Administration announced sweeping rules on Tuesday that will require chain restaurants, movie theaters and pizza parlors across the country to post calorie counts on their menus.”

    This extra-Constitutional action by the FDA should result in deletion of the FDA from the government.

  2. Anybody counting calories isn’t going to go to Burger King to get a Whopper. Burger King will be posting calorie count for the people who don’t go to Burger King.

  3. The idea that the foods we eat have a significant effect on our health has to be the most widely believed piece of fiction in the history of mankind–probably even outstrips religion in this regard. All foods must be broken down into very small molecules in order to be absorbed. Carbohydrates are almost exclusively absorbed as monosaccharides. Proteins must be denatured and broken down into short peptide chains or individual amino acids. Fats are mostly degraded to monoglycerides and free fatty acids. The individual cells of the body see only these constituent molecules and it doesn’t matter where they came from, whether they were “processed”, came from a genetically modified source, etc. Anyone doubting this need only consult any basic physiology text.
    And, yes, if you consume excessive quantities of food, you will get fat–a fact that is probably understood by even the most abject morons among us. But obesity is not a disease; nor is anything else that can be “cured” by the mere exercise of will power.

  4. Just the opposite. These costly and worthless regulations are specifically designed to target and hurt large companies (note they only apply to fast food companies with 20 or more locations) because leftists don’t like American business or success.

    The regulations are not only worthless, but based on junkscience. Low-calorie does not equal healthful eating. People have been eating “processed” foods for centuries, but because it is no longer processed at home by your Mom they want you to believe it’s somehow evil and bad for you.

  5. One more straw to increase the weight on the small operator’s back.
    These mandates always favor the huge corporations that the left loves to hate.

  6. It’s all about feeling good about themselves. The Libtards feel really bad about fat people, so they have to do something. It is effective if it makes the Libtards feel good.

  7. Orwell put it well –
    “Liberal: a power worshiper without power. ” – George Orwell
    so, they gang together merely for the purpose of forcing others to their bidding. It matters not what the subject is or whether the putative results are gained. It is ALL about using force on others.

  8. No surprise that the New York Times endorses something favored by those with a totalitarian mindset. Of course, the free market could handle the question of food labeling quite nicely. If enough people were really concerned about detailed caloric and other information about the food they eat, retailers would be hurrying to provide it without any mandates from the government. Given a choice I would favor a law that banned any such labeling. Perhaps then the food fetishists would die off from starvation.

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