Another EPA Dirty Secret: Agency’s hushed-up human experiments debunk ozone health claims

EPA has proposed to tighten its standards for ozone in outdoor air. However, ozone in outdoor air, especially at current levels, doesn’t hurt anyone and the EPA knows it… but EPA doesn’t want you to know it. Here is a short exposé based on EPA documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. readers know that EPA has been conducting illegal and basically secret laboratory experiments in which real-live humans — many whom are sick and elderly — have been/are being to exposed high levels of particulate matter, ozone, diesel exhaust, chlorine and/or other substances.

The purpose of these experiments is to provide a biological explanation that would support the bogus statistical studies relied on by the agency which purport to link the above-mentioned substances with a variety of ills and death.

As an example, consider this study in which asthmatics were exposed to ozone while exercising.

EPA ozone header

How much ozone did EPA expose its exercising asthmatic human guinea pigs to? The excerpt below shows 0.4 parts per million… or 400 parts per billion (ppb).

Ozone volunteers 400 ppb

Is this a lot of ozone? EPA has just proposed to tighten the ozone standard from 75 ppb to between 65-70 ppb. So the asthmatic human guinea pigs were exposed to ozone at a level 6 times higher than EPA’s proposed standard.

Did any of the exercising asthmatic human guinea pigs experience any adverse health effect whatsoever from these high exposures to ozone? Here’s what EPA confided to the University of North Carolina Institutional Review Board reviewing the ethics of this human experimentation:

EPA 6000 volunteers

Will you find these facts in EPA’s new ozone proposal? No.

In summary, what do we have here?

EPA has failed to disclose that its own careful controlled clinical experiments of exercising asthmatics exposed to exceedingly high levels of ozone experienced no adverse health effects whatsoever. And now EPA wants to impose what will be the single most costly regulation of all time on the American economy.

This madness needs to be stopped.

6 thoughts on “Another EPA Dirty Secret: Agency’s hushed-up human experiments debunk ozone health claims”

  1. It is disheartening that this is the only distribution point for information on a fraudulent government “persuasion.”

  2. I am thankful that there are no Research and Design Engineers in the EPA who may be tempted to implement the “Testing to Failure” protocols with living subjects.

  3. All of the worries that plague us can be easily remedied by the elimination of all of the people who spout the worries which plague us. i.e. If all the global warmer fear-mongers were to “expire, why think of the decrease in so called pollutants that they worry about, plus they wouldn’t have to be so afraid anymore. Plus those of us who don’t buy into their panic would have a much more peaceful existence. The same goes for the animal rights and vegan folks. If they expired, we could enjoy our pets and eat a good steak, chicken, or Komodo dragon in peace. It’s all so simple, if they are so worried, they have the means to end their worries, simply die.

  4. Josef Mengele’s children must have risen through the ranks at EPA and started running the research wing..

  5. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The EPA doesn’t give whit about people — their ONLY goal is the elimination of coal and petroleum for producing energy. And the reason they want to stop energy production is that will make it harder to live and more people will die. Their real golas as is being promoted by our famous Bill Gates is depopulation! tThere are just way to many people!

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