11 thoughts on “Worth 1,000 Words: The 21st century’s UN-warming”

  1. I’ve had to print the emancipation proclamation out and have people read it to prove that it was, in fact, a promise to the border states that the slaves wouldn’t be freed. It actually lists specific parishes in Louisiana and the western half of Virginia (now its own state) as being allowed to keep slaves “precisely as if this proclamation were not issued” because they weren’t “in rebellion against the United States.”

  2. What gimmick will they use next, in order to scare people into emptying their wallets? It is getting harder to work up a sweat about anything they say anymore. Yawn…

  3. There was also unofficial slavery because officials closed an eye to the problem. In California there were Chinese slaves as servants and sex workers into the 1950’s.

  4. If you think that is bad then you should read up on Dihydrogen monoxide, and Hydrogen Hydroxide. They cause thousands of deaths every year!

  5. The EPA has actually commented on why they chose not to regulate water vapor as a GHG. Their explanation isn’t the one you would think. While vaguely acknowledging the immensity of the task, the EPA said that CO2 (and methane, etc.) were the key drivers of climate change and regulation of water vapor was not required.
    Now most people would have just responded with the regulation of water vapor is absurd. But, since water vapor and CO2 are both combustion products, they couldn’t do that.

  6. Even Sheldon Cooper is less informed than he thinks he is. On a Big Bang rerun last night, he takes the position that it’s been illegal to own a slave since 1863 when Lincoln used the Emancipation Proclamation to free them. In fact it was the 13th Amendment in 1865 that really freed the slaves — there were three-and-a-half slave states in the Union during the War Of Whatever You Want To Call It Among The States.

  7. I used to run a hazardous materials work center. I posted a Material Safety Data Sheet for dihydrogen monoxide. Nasty stuff. I actually had people keep arguing with me that it wasn’t just plain water even after I explained that I’d put it up as a joke.

  8. Of course this empirically disproves the CAGW concept. Just flat tosses it for thinking people.
    BTW, I mentioned the gag about oxidized hydrogen in class on Monday and I had a student who was ready to ban it until I explained what it is.

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