IPCC claims climate won’t cool without massive geoengineering — So what is the politically correct temperature?

The New Scientist reports:

Global warming is irreversible without massive geoengineering of the atmosphere’s chemistry. This stark warning comes from the draft summary of the latest climate assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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9 thoughts on “IPCC claims climate won’t cool without massive geoengineering — So what is the politically correct temperature?”

  1. Geoengineering, I love it. Have they ever considered the unintended consequences of their trying to play God?

  2. “Correct” is an irrelevant concept in this debate. What is important is to be persuasive – requires Rhetoric, not Logic – to the point others with money will squander it ineffectually in ways YOU choose. That demonstrates your control of them.

  3. “So what is the politically correct temperature?”

    Any temperature that allows the green whackos to be in charge of the government and that enables them to use the power of that government to pretend to control, regulate, and prohibit anything that moves, thinks, and wants to live and grow.

  4. Our host brings up the biggest question the alarmists have always dodged: what is the ideal temperature for the planet? We can’t answer it because we can’t define the ideal conditions.
    Gho5t (may I call you Gh?), soot at least and some aerosols really can do damage. Of course you know that. Our host disputes their role in acute health crises and I think he’s right about that, but I can’t see how breathing soot is a good thing either. For sensitive individuals, it may be a factor in poor health and premature death.
    Seasonal joke: How do you apply to be a ghost? Fill out a sheet.

  5. So, wait, we can’t develop the Earth because it’ll change the Earth, unless we’re changing the Earth for the explicit purpose of changing the Earth without development?

    Here’s a plan. Soot and aerosols were supposed to have a cooling effect, right? I say we go back to coal fired steam power. I can’t wait to drive a new Chevy Steampunk.

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