Warmist says Boulder flood in line with climate predictions — but warmists have predicted everything — what is not in line?

Andrew Freedman writes:

t will take climate scientists many months to complete studies into whether manmade global warming made the Boulder flood more likely to occur, but the amount by which this event has exceeded past events suggests that manmade warming may have played some role by making the event worse than it would have otherwise been.

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3 thoughts on “Warmist says Boulder flood in line with climate predictions — but warmists have predicted everything — what is not in line?”

  1. What I’m waiting for is the announcement that the decade or so prior to the last 16 years was a ‘pause’ in the otherwise worsening global COOLING crisis, which is what causes giant Colorado floods like this one and the Big Thompson flood back in the ’70s.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this. I should have made a bet that within 24 hours someone would be linking the flooding to Global Warming, but then again, there would have been no takers since it was almost certain they would..
    Here’s how the climatologists could improve their credibility. Instead of letting these ridiculous claims stand, they could say, well it’s regular weather and these things happen from time to time whether we have global warming or not. In their attempts to try to link every extreme weather phenomena to GW, they undermine any credibity that they might have had. And yes, that DOES mean occasionally saying that this has nothing to do with global warming.
    I imagine they like their cheerleaders in the media making these ridiculous statements which the warming faithful drink up like purple Kool-aid in Guyana. Then when pressed, tclimatologists say things like WE didn’t say that. Not disowning these kinds of silly comments just makes the climate community look as unscientific and dogmatic as we skeptics believe they are.
    As it has been said many times, when your theory predicts everything, then it predicts nothing.
    As I remember there was a devastating flooding disaster in the Snake River of a similar sort in 1976. What would explain that, if global warming is a primary cause?

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