Hong Kong paper on climate models: ‘Most of them don’t seem to work’

Howard Winn writes at the South China Morning Post:

We see the fact that the earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the past 17 years is causing ructions within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Its previous forecasts of catastrophic consequences unless the world reduces its use of fossil fuels have been the driving force behind the billions spent by governments and corporations on mitigating the perceived problem…

Much of the difficulty in this debate is to do with the models that scientists use. Most of them don’t seem to work, and they don’t even work backwards. Maybe the earth and its climate are too complex for current models to handle.

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One thought on “Hong Kong paper on climate models: ‘Most of them don’t seem to work’”

  1. Bingo! The workings of the earth both geologically and with CLIMATE are incredibly complex. Or as my daughter would say..”Well Duh”….
    and what about the underwater volcanoes and vents that are the more likely cause of any ocean temperature increase??? Hot lava is pretty hot.

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