UK paper: Global warming lobby has got it completely wrong

The Express reports:

THE fifth assessment report of the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change is not going to be published until next week but already the global warming lobby is cranking up the spin machine. The story it wants to tell us is that the IPCC is now more sure than ever humans are causing climate change, saying this is “extremely likely” rather than “very likely”, as the last report in 2007 concluded.

It is a game of semantics: there is no scientific definition of the words “very” and “extremely”. But nothing will hide the inescapable evidence that global temperatures have failed to follow anything like the doom-laden path they were supposed to follow.

Rather than rising by 0.2 Celsius per decade, as the last IPCC report predicted, global temperatures have been flat over the past 15 years. There is still a measurable longer-term rise of 0.12 Celsius since the 1950s but that is a long way from the accelerating temperatures that were supposed to accompany rising carbon emissions…

We are always being told that climate change sceptics are on the wrong side of science but it is remarkable how many of the most prominent voices in the climate change lobby are themselves not scientists.

David Miliband, who in 2006 as environment minister stated that the “scientific debate on climate change is now closed” – something no scientist would ever say – is a professional politician.

So too is Al Gore, a failed US presidential candidate who won a Nobel Prize for his errorstrewn film An Inconvenient Truth. The chairman of the IPCC itself is a railway engineer. Among the sceptics, on the other hand, are some scientists who have been studying climate the longest. Whatever the motivation of those who have sought to exaggerate the possibility of climate change, their activities are having a severe impact on the lives of Britons.

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