Warmists try dismissing global warming ‘pause’ as ‘statistical mirage’

The AP reports:

Scientists and statisticians have dismissed the purported slowdown as a statistical mirage, arguing among other things that it reflects random climate fluctuations and an unusually hot year picked as the starting point for charting temperatures. They also say the data suggests the “missing” heat is simply settling – temporarily – in the ocean.

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2 thoughts on “Warmists try dismissing global warming ‘pause’ as ‘statistical mirage’”

  1. Global warming and climate change alarmists have claimed that burning of fossil fuels has been primarily responsible for atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to have increased by about 30% over the past 50 years. In the AP article, they also suggest the models of the IPCC have failed to predict the relatively constant temperatures over the past 16 years, and they suggest that “the ‘missing’ heat is simply settling – temporarily – in the ocean”. I suggest that the 30% increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might be due mostly to its enhanced release from the oceans because of its lower solubility as ocean temperatures rise.

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