UK energy minister: Fracking is ‘not evil’

The Guardian reports:

Fracking is “not the evil thing that some people try to make it out to be,” energy secretary, Ed Davey, has claimed.

Anti-fracking activists have staged a series of protests at various sites over the past weeks.

Fracking firm Cuadrilla has withdrawn an application seeking a six-month extension of its oil exploration in a Sussex village which has been the scene of protests, but will be submitting a new one.

“If we can have gas safely in this country that will mean jobs, tax revenue and greater energy security – so fracking is not the evil thing that some people try to make it out to be,” he said.

Davey, who was answering questions from a live studio audience as part of Radio 5 live’s Energy Day programmes, said: “It is the early days of this.

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5 thoughts on “UK energy minister: Fracking is ‘not evil’”

  1. Heh. Sounds like the UK has an energy minister who actually wants to produce energy. Could we get one like that?

  2. Ironsides says ” where has bedroom windows are blown out”.

    Can you please explain your objection to shale gas?

  3. What the heck happened to Ed Davey? He was so consistently and aggressively moronic since the first time we heard about him.

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