NO… climate change is NOT cleaving the GOP in two

Ex-Congressman Bob Inglis and an insurance-company supported think tank does not add up to a “cleaving” of the GOP.

Salon reports:

A price on America’s carbon emissions will surely remain theoretical for some time. No Republican in Congress publicly supports it. Nor does President Barack Obama. “We would never propose a carbon tax,” the White House has promised.

Yet the Globe Theatre debate may signal emerging Republican fissures on global warming. “There is a divide within the party,” one conservative scholar recently told the National Journal. “The position that climate change is a hoax is untenable.”

2 thoughts on “NO… climate change is NOT cleaving the GOP in two”

  1. THAT accusation — that there is a position that “climate change is a hoax” — IS A HOAX.

    The position in question is that AGW science is a hoax. And that position is TOTALLY tenable. Of course, one has to have critical thinking skills beyond the level of a traditional elementary school (modern-day 9th grade) education to understand this. Perhaps that is the real divide within Republican circles?

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