Salt: Government ignores report it commissioned!

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Michael Bloomberg no doubt sees the various studies showing bans, taxes, and restrictions on soda do nothing to sway people to make healthier drink choices (and in some cases may backfire, encouraging people to consume even more sugary drinks); he simply chooses to ignore them. Bloomberg doesn’t let the facts get in the way of trying to control the way people live. Instead, Bloomberg, the standard-bearer of the nanny state, tells his troops to march on, impervious to the pile of evidence proving he’s wasting his time. And now it turns out, this habit of ignoring the evidence isn’t solely an affliction suffered by egotistical, rich (and bored) mayors of major U.S. cities.

Now, the control freaks over at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have begun operating in a very Bloombergian way, deciding to ignore evidence contrary to the agency’s agenda. Specifically, the CDC has decided to ignore an Institute of Medicine report (one the agency actually commissioned!) on the efficacy of government-led salt-reduction programs.

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