Henry Waxman: Government can prevent ‘extreme weather’ with new regulations

The Hill reports:

House Democrats are calling for strong new climate regulations to battle the extreme weather that has affected communities across the country.

Wildfires in California, flooding in Colorado and devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy should be proof enough that the federal government needs to act, lawmakers said Tuesday.

“We spend billions of dollars to respond to each disaster and rebuild in the aftermath,” said Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.). “Unfortunately many members of Congress continue to deny that climate change is even happening.”

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14 thoughts on “Henry Waxman: Government can prevent ‘extreme weather’ with new regulations”

  1. Henry, since sexually-transmitted diseases, especially HIV, have killed far more people than “climate change” or wildfires or hurricanes ever have, would you be in favor of the government acting to put an end to this human tragedy by mandatory testing of the entire U.S. population and forced treatment, together with quarantine for the more deadly forms of STDs? I mean, compared to trying to futz with the climate to get what some people would call a good outcome, something along these biomedical and public health lines would be a complete breeze to effect. We know how to quarantine based on the extensive experience of WWII Germany and the Japanese-American internment here in the United States. We have extremely definitive tests for every single STD there is. And you control-freaks could, by all the trouble it would cause, feel justified that you are doing the right thing because your program would be producing measurable effects.

  2. The King Canute legend is very applicable, except for the fact that Canute knew he did not have godly powers and put his sycophants in place by demonstrating that fact. Too bad Mr. Waxman thinks he can don the mantle of God and do what Canute knew he could not. Only an idiot would believe he could alter weather on such a scale. The sad thing is that he’s not really an idiot. He knows he does not have such powers but he is happy to lure a hypnotized gullible public into thinking the government can do what it cannot simply to justify more control and more taxes. In other words, he’s a traitor to his oath to uphold the Constitution and execute his office in an honorable and honest manner.

  3. There was a time, not so long ago, when Waxman and his kind would have been quietly ushered off to the rubber room. Someone should stand up and rattle off all the extreme weather that happened when CO2 was at the “safe” level around 1988. One has to be a little “off” to stand up and imply that govt. regulations could prevent natural climate disasters. When they say “carbon tax” what they really are saying is “lets make energy so expensive people will drastically cut back their usage, putting more people into jeopardy and into poverty.” They want control of energy and thereby control of the entire population.

    What is surprising is the number of people who seem to have just discovered weather as if severe storms never happened until humans came along trying to improve themselves. If these same people had lived in the 30’s, just imagine the ammunition they would have for global warming.

  4. Shortly after hurricane Katrina I was listening to AM Coast to Coast when a caller claimed that then President Bush could’ve stopped the hurricane with some sort of nuclear bomb if he’d wanted to. I laughed quite a long time about that. Guess I should’ve spent the time campaigning and donating to worthwhile educational groups cause that idiot and others like him have managed to fill the federal government with like-minded morons.

  5. Who woulda thought? Our very own politicians are finally proving that old adage “you can’t do nutin about the weather” is all wrong. We will “regulate” it into submission!

  6. Waxman can control the climate with a few more regulations. Who knew he was so powerful? Wonder if I can get a quick regulation for good fishing weather on the Outer Banks for the week of 9/30? I’d be willing to pay a bit extra.

  7. When, in the history of man, did we “not” have extreme weather. If on the other hand, the government is going to control it , perhaps we should all line up and vote as to what temperature we want and how much rainfall. Of course this will have to vary, depending on where we live since different plants and trees have different requirements to survive and produce and different soils hold moisture for differing times. No worry however since Waxman and his fellow practitioners can pull it off

  8. “We spend billions of dollars to respond to each disaster and rebuild in the aftermath,” said Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.).

    Jerk. Complaining about the cost. If you don’t like it, stop doing it. It isn’t your damn job, anyway.

  9. Gov William J. LePettomaine: “Gentlemen, we’ve got to protect our phony baloney jobs! We must do something immediately!”

    Do it for Randolph Scott….

  10. Waxman and his ilk and his kith and his kin and his enablers are why Mr. York’s optimism on the other thread seems far too sanguine for me.
    The people who plan to fasten on our chains are the same ones who promise the goodies, goodies that can’t be delivered in the long run. But the promises have been getting them elected. The chains will fit but the promises will fail.

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