Mother Nature bites dog: IPCC says global warming stop 100% due to natural causes

Uh… IPCC you’ve been telling us that CO2 drives climate change.

Reuters reports:

The report said the trend of the past 15 years was skewed by the fact that 1998, at the start of the period, was an extremely
warm year with an El Nino event in the Pacific that can disrupt
weather worldwide.

It said warming had slowed “in roughly equal measure”
because of random variations in the climate and the impact of
factors such as volcanic eruptions, when ash dims sunshine, and
a cyclical decline in the sun’s output.

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7 thoughts on “Mother Nature bites dog: IPCC says global warming stop 100% due to natural causes”

  1. Maybe they just don’t understand this stuff. Is that level of skepticism allowed without being called an idiotic malefactor who is under the thumb of big oil?

  2. So it’s natural when the truth is inconvenient and Inconvenient truth when it’s not natural. Maybe Im 97% sure I got it. Ow, my head just popped.

  3. Global warming died due to Natural causes. Well that is good to know. I would have guessed it would have died from malignant cancerous growth.

  4. Exactly…natural variation only applies when it doesn’t warm as predicted/projected, but has no influence when it’s warming

  5. So there was cooling. Then gentle warming. Then the warming accelerated. Now it has “slowed”. Most recent short term trends show gentle cooling…

    Does anyone remember how to calculate the slope of a sine wave?

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