IPCC: Global warming stop could last beyond our lifetimes as heat penetrates ever deeper into oceans

Supposedly the ocean has consumed 90% of the warming, contributing to the global warming stop. If that keeps happening…

Reuters reports:

The IPCC reiterated that a warming trend is “unequivocal”,
and some effects would last far beyond the lifetimes of people
now alive, such as heat penetrating ever deeper into the oceans.

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7 thoughts on “IPCC: Global warming stop could last beyond our lifetimes as heat penetrates ever deeper into oceans”

  1. Were they? Under Mann, it seems like the Medieval warming period has completely disappeared. That isn’t unequivocal, when historic events can change like that.

  2. If that keeps happening the oceans will boil away while we all freeze to death on land from lack of heat. It will be awful. No oceans, and we will freeze to death. Oh if only we listened to the IPCC scientists, we could have saved ourselves.

  3. All past warming and cooling trends of all sizes were even more “unequivocal.” That term isn’t as final a final word as they think it is.

  4. It is sad and worrisome to note that the “…computer models, scare stories and ad homenem rants…” that “… underscore the desperation of climate alarmists, eco-activists and political agendas” seem to work too well. We keep electing too many legislators and executives who push this harmful lie.

  5. The story has been uncritically circulated by AP in newspapers across the country and most Americans don’t realize they’re reading a press release. When they read “scientists” and research they think they’re reading science. We have a lot of work to do to help people understand that computer modeling is not scientific proof of a hypothesis, as young people are being taught today. Climate alarmists must support their theories, claims, models and scary scenarios with actual evidence, data and observations gathered empirically.There is no such evidence. WattsUpWithThat had a great article yesterday debunking the IPCC report, and commenting that the computer models, scare stories and ad homenem rants underscore the desperation of climate alarmists, eco-activists and political agendas.

  6. It’s true that the world’s oceans are enormous heat sinks. That tells us very little; the oceans have always been heat sinks and heat transfer agents, which is why Hamburg has a milder winter than Chicago has.
    Changes in climate also extend beyond anyone’s lifetime; the people born as the Little Ice Age ended saw warming past their own lives and the people born at the end of the Medieval Warm Period saw cooling past their lifetimes. Again, a fact with no meaning.
    As for effects of climate changes, natural or otherwise, extending beyond our lifetimes — yes, I imagine some will. Changes in beaches, changes in glaciers may affect people for a long time. This is what we’ve dealt with since we mastered fire and the ability to roam as groups with our possessions: adaptation.
    And we still have no clue whether the effects of a slight warming are, on balance, positive or negative. We can’t even really define the terms of what would constitute a positive or negative balance on the effects.
    For all of this, though, the warmists demand that we sacrifice lives and well-being, especially the lives of the poor and the well-being of people like me, for a chimera. Not if I can help it.

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