Michael Mann claims IPCC report embraces his hokey stick

How this IPCC sidebar validates the Medieval Optimum-less, Little Ice Age-less, hiding-the-decline hokey stick is anyone’s guess.

Michael Mann writes:

There is an amusing and rather well-coordinated untruth being circulated & promoted in climate change denial circles & right wing media that promote their propaganda that the IPCC has “trashed” the hockey stick in the latest, to be released 5th assessment report, to be released next week. In fact, what the IPCC states in a HIGHLIGHTED BOX in the Working Group 1 Summary For Policy Makers (pending any changes in the final draft) is (my emphasis)

“Analyses of paleoclimate archives indicate that in the Northern Hemisphere, the period 1983–2012 was VERY LIKELY THE WARMEST 30-year period LAST 800 YEARS (high confidence) and LIKELY THE WARMEST 30-year period of the LAST 1400 YEARS (medium confidence). 6 {2.4, 5.3}”

That is in fact a STRENGTHENING of the original Hockey Stick (and Third Assessment Report) conclusion that recent warmth was LIKELY unprecedented for the PAST 1000 YEARS.

In the intellectually bankrupt world of #climatechange denial, apparently the strengthening of our original findings somehow passes for rejection of them.

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7 thoughts on “Michael Mann claims IPCC report embraces his hokey stick”

  1. And apparently when folks don’t ‘Like’ Mike but instead mention some kind of criticism, Mike responds with this lovely threat: “[troll w/ initials D.S. banned and reported to Facebook for abusive behavior]”

    Risk saying ANYTHING “abusive” to Mike, and you might get your F.B page shut down. What a fascinating oppressive censoring tactic that is….

  2. Granted that none of us believes in the confidence levels of the IPCC, and we know that the Summary for Policymakers is almost in contradiction to the rest of the report, the paragraph Mann highlights above does seem a confirmation of the Schtick. Doesn’t make it correct, just seems to support his claim about the IPCC backing him up.
    It’s true that the IPCC material over the last couple of years seems to say very little about the Schtick.

  3. Poor Michael and poor his employer, whoever that might be. As far as I am aware, a Professor is supposed to do serious research as truthfully as possible and to teach likewise. Much of the good Professor’s time seems to go into fighting windmills, much like the famous Spanish nobleman in his time. There the analogy ends. Don Quixote lived on meager means, Mann seems to have an unlimited supply of money pouring in through doors and windows, relying on the holy protection of an academic institution. In ordinary enterprises living from what they produce and sell, someone usually starts asking questions when an employee goes too far astray from her or his ordinary duties, but not so in universities. It is called freedom of thought and academic creativity. Still, regardless of the height of spiritual flight, some of the time should be put into taking care of your daily job in an orderly fashion! Also, academic freedom also means behaving politely towards those who think otherwise and to discuss with those in a rational manner and not blowing the lid each time someone asks a question. In a real workplace such manners usually are taken care of in the end by leaving the keys on the desk in, say, 15 minutes, and proceeding toward the gate (with one’s belongings tucked in the cardboard box made iconic in so many TV series).

  4. I get to your link and see it is Michael Mann’s Facebook page, and that Facebook has a box up asking me to send an email to my husband, inviting him to “Like” it.

    Only if I want him to have me committed!

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