EPA to re-propose execution of coal industry on Friday; Despite flagrant illegality, EPA hopes to scare utilities off coal

The Democrat-tilted EPA is a gangster enterprise — knowingly violating the law in order to scare utilities and other investors away from the GOP-leaning coal industry in hopes of destroying it.

The WaPo reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency will move Friday to strictly limit the amount of carbon that future coal- and gas-fired power plants can pour into the atmosphere, the first such restrictions on greenhouse gases imposed by the agency.

The limits in the proposed rule will be difficult for any new coal plant to meet without incurring the substantial costs of additional technology to limit carbon dioxide output or developing new methods of cleansing emissions. The industry almost certainly will challenge it in court…

Joseph Stanko, head of government relations for the law firm Hunton & Williams, said the EPA’s reliance on “federally-funded demonstration projects” as the base for its new standard “is illegal, it doesn’t ‘adequately demonstrate’ technology for normal use.”

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3 thoughts on “EPA to re-propose execution of coal industry on Friday; Despite flagrant illegality, EPA hopes to scare utilities off coal”

  1. What is needed here is for one of these power companies to grow some balls and shut down the plants. Then either by rolling blackouts or simply shutting off parts of their grid use only non-coal fired generation. Of course there would be an uproar and lawsuits but maybe as well there would be a dawning of understanding for some people. For an even better effect they should shut down the plants and then tell their customers that for 10 times the previous price of electricity they could continue to get electricity to their house. Because, lets face it, that is what this is all about, i.e.. that we will all pay more for energy because we choose to not use the cheapest source of energy.

  2. One supposes if Americans had a backbone, they would put an end to this nonsense. With basically only one-party rule and spineless citizens, illegal will continue to be the rule of the day. Sure, opposing it is difficult, but living with it will be far more difficult. Lawlessness is always the worst choice and failure to prevent it, the second worse choice.

  3. WaPo article is simply another Obama propaganda piece. Note statement that EPA was going to submit its anti-coal finding in March 2012 but delayed, fearing court challenge. No mention that 2012 was also Obama’s reelection year. Court challenge not a concern post election. Also note that almost all mention of costs for mandate are on utilities, not consumers. Obama is delusional, and his delusions will result in far more expensive electricity, fewer jobs and more elderly and poor living in cold, darkened homes.

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