Kooky food nanny Walter Willett: Ads for kids ‘exploitation, same as sweatshops’

But isn’t exploiting kids to advance the food nanny agenda also exploitation? Willett also slams capitalism.

The Harvard Gazette reports:

Harvard nutrition expert Walter Willett compared the marketing of junk food to kids with an earlier era’s child labor practices, saying that young people have been “exploited” by both systems. He said such food marketing is an important factor in America’s obesity epidemic.

“Children are being exploited, same as sweatshops,” Willett said. “This is a natural consequence of a capitalist food supply.”

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7 thoughts on “Kooky food nanny Walter Willett: Ads for kids ‘exploitation, same as sweatshops’”

  1. Some obese people do indeed over consume. Why? They don’t do it because they want to be obese. They do it because they are genetically programmed to over eat. Obesity is genetic. Not a single genetic cause but multiple genetic predispositions that cause obesity. I overeat at buffets. That’s what they are for. If you want to consume a 350 calorie meal don’t pay for a buffet.

  2. Aside from genetic factors, obesity is often caused by a combination of three things. Eating too much, eating too fast (I see this all the time in buffets) and lack of activity. Kids that used to run and play are confined to hours of watching “Barney” dance to a rock band (day care). School recess avoids such active games as dodge ball (too dangerous). What little activity kids are allowed to do is so structured that they cannot get the exercise they so desperately need.

  3. “This is a natural consequence of a capitalist food supply.”

    Yep, this abundant and affordable food has to stop!

  4. The fallacy in all of these claims of the food, be it junk food, Western food, fast food or simply not “organic” food, being the cause of obesity is that with few exceptions we all pretty much eat the same food. I can find you literally millions of skinny teens eating McDonalds everyday or eating whatever food the nannies want to rant against. Would they then conclude that junk food causes skinniness? There is indeed a reason(s) for obesity but it is clearly NOT the food.

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