Hansen: ‘Canadian government not representative of Canada’ — Does he know this GISS surface temps?

Jim Hansen writes:

The attached note (“Europe Standing Tall Against a Rogue State”) was written to accompany “Tar Sands Debacle and the Hama-Hama-Hama Oil and Gas Corporation”, which I hope to finish soon. I include the note now because the situation in Europe is fluid. The Canadian government (not representative of Canada, as I note) is trying to work a backroom deal to avoid an open vote on unconventional fossil fuels.

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4 thoughts on “Hansen: ‘Canadian government not representative of Canada’ — Does he know this GISS surface temps?”

  1. Remember that Hansen endorses reducing the world population to 3 billion by in effect killing people and applying various kinds of terror strikes to industrial plants to reduce CO2 emissions. Cute, eh?

  2. Hansen is a crackpot who’s alarmism and activism has lost relevance in social, political, and scientific discussion.

  3. This guy is a raving loonie. We need CO2 down so the oceans won’t rise? They have been rising an average of 7 mm per year for 18000 years. The current rate of 3mm per is less than half the historic rate. Yes the Oceans have risen 120 meters already causing huge lands to disappear under water. (Doggerland disappeared 6000 years ago and 10000 was a very solid and large land mass connecting Europe and England But to think holding CO2 to some level will stop the.rise occurring for the last 18000 years naturally is nuts.

    And where does he get the 100000 year bs? The world is greening so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t dissapear in a few centuries.

  4. Hansen is more delusional that ever.

    The Canadian government is elected to be representative of all Canadians. Canadian elections likely have least amount of corruption of any country on the globe and campaign finance laws prohibit corporate donations and personal donations over $1100, so it is virtually impossible to “steal” an election. Not sure who Hansen has been listening to.

    The Canadian government also has a very strong majority in parliament so any talk of “backroom deals” to avoid an open vote is warmist propaganda. They can table and pass any legislation they want to.

    Hansen is dead wrong when he says that “non-tar sands oil” is used to fuel oil sands extraction. It is local natural gas. Quite a different thing. Hansen could have checked any source, including Wikipedia.

    And no, Canada did NOT jump at the chance to bomb Syria, it decided just the opposite.

    Americans typically don’t know much about Canada, but Hansen is abusing the privilege. So where is Hansen getting his information? The Canadian version of the Occupy Movement? Perhaps his new best friend, billionaire Tom Steyer who has vested financial interests in the demise of the oil sands.


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