Greenpeace says business should have ‘No Deniers Allowed’ policy

What color star will deniers be forced to wear?

Phil Radford writes at Grist:

If companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple refuse to give to Denier politicians and organizations like those laid out in our “Dealing in Doubt” report, then those people will quickly learn that if they want the support of America’s vanguard companies, they can’t be on the wrong side of climate history. No Deniers Allowed.

Then users and employers of Google, Facebook, and others would be able to stay proud of all that those companies have done for clean energy, without worrying that the companies are undermining that work by helping keep climate deniers like Inhofe in power.

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13 thoughts on “Greenpeace says business should have ‘No Deniers Allowed’ policy”

  1. Greenpeace is a “business”.
    It is an evil, greedy multinational corporation.

    If truly being “wrong” is justification for starving an organization of funds, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, etc. would be broke by now.

  2. I recall having my life threatened for wearing coveralls on campus back in the day. Fresh intern sporting an oil company logo on my way to class. The Greenpeace fearmongers were going on about something or other in the breezeway across from the library and confronted me about being associated with the “evil oil companies murdering OUR WORLD!”. The hippee stopped when he realized that not only was I wearing an epee on my back but that I was more than willing to use it if he didn’t learn the meaning of personal space.

  3. Having crossed swords professionally with Greenpea¢e in a previous career incarnation, I could go on and on about the BS they peddle and how they’ve NEVER been correct about ANYTHING. Instead, I’ll save the keystrokes and simply say I’m with Mr. Sweet.

  4. If I am forced to wear a symbol of my denierhood, I choose not the fist, but the fist with an upraised middle finger…;)

  5. I guess Greenpeace likes the color brown.
    BTW not only did Greenpeace destroy the livelyhood of the seal harvesters, the babies died as their mothers rejected them after the fur was painted. Just a bunch of dopes in my book.

  6. I like the way they say Inhofe is “stifling the debate”, but then they call for these companies to not hire “climate deniers”. Real good way to encourage debate, there…

  7. I’m amazed all over again single every time I read something by far leftists. The zealotry, the self righteousness, the foolishness, the ignorance …… ahhhhhhhh!!!!

  8. Seeing as how most people don’t buy into the AGW bullshit I would guess these top companies are aware of the polls and wouldn’t want to antagonize the majority.

  9. A number of years ago Greenpeace went to Greenland and ruined seal pelts in order to stop the baby seal harvest. When it was all over they apologized to the locals admitting they had no idea that it really did not do harm to the population of seals and they destroyed the cash economy. Oops, that never made it into the international headlines.
    What happens if there is overwhelming scientific data that refutes the theory of Global Warming? Do we say to those who were blacklisted for studying real science, “Oops, sorry we destroyed your life.”

  10. companies, they can’t be on the wrong side of climate history. No Deniers Allowed.

    And I suppose it is the idealogical ‘Greenpeace’ zealots that decide which side is which!

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