Sen. Vitter: Investor abandonment of Pebble Mine ‘a prime example of why the economy isn’t recovering’

The Hill reports:

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), the top Republican on the Senate’s environment committee, blamed the Environmental Protection Agency Monday after a major mining company abandoned the business partnership seeking build a huge copper and gold mine in Alaska.

“This is a prime example of why the economy isn’t recovering. EPA and their far-left environmental allies are using unprecedented tactics to shut down potential projects and corresponding jobs before they’ve even begun the permitting process,” Vitter said after mining giant Anglo American abandoned the proposed Pebble Mine.

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4 thoughts on “Sen. Vitter: Investor abandonment of Pebble Mine ‘a prime example of why the economy isn’t recovering’”

  1. Until Congress wakes up and realizes that the EPA is not on our side and then shuts it down as a job killer, America will continue to under employ its people and slide toward economic mediocracy. Rinos are the worst offenders of all as their ignorance of industry and productive workers will be fatal to this country.

  2. ““Mining is an important part of our state’s economy and I continue to believe that Alaska’s resources can be developed responsibly for the benefit of all,” said Murkowski”

    developed responsibly is leftist code words for, put every environmental block in place to shut the operation down.
    I think Murkowski is the one being disingenuous.

  3. So… David Vitter says one thing, Lisa Murkowski says another. Both are Republicans, but Murkowski is FROM Alaska, where the mine would be. On the other hand, she’s a RINO.

    Whom to believe? That is the $64 question…

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