David Suzuki: Aussie dumping of carbon tax is ‘suicidal’

David Suzuki wails in the Sydney Morning Herald:

The consequences of dumping our junk in the atmosphere are far greater than leaving garbage in the streets so why don’t we limit it by making people pay to dump it?

It’s the most basic lesson of economics. Anyone who understands and cares about the environment and economics will know ditching the carbon tax is not only crazy, it is absolutely suicidal.

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3 thoughts on “David Suzuki: Aussie dumping of carbon tax is ‘suicidal’”

  1. I have a message for Suzuki, the dirty old man, from the majority of voting Australians … Piss off back to your grubby lair !

  2. Fairfax has published this drivel in several of its failing newspapers.

    David, if you want to see economics in action, observe the plummeting circulation and share price of the organs which consider your nonsense worth publishing. They are heading for bankruptcy and oblivion faster than the Gadarene swine.

    Economics trumps junk science every time. That is why the instigators of the carbon tax, and the newspapers that support it, have been firmly rejected by the general public.

    PS – I hope that Fauxfacts provided a couple of attractive young female interns to escort you around, as per your recent request to a university that you were visiting …

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