UK warmist prof: Climate skeptics like ‘AIDS deniers’

The Australian reports:

POLITICIANS who dismiss the need for urgent action on climate change are like the South African leaders who contributed to thousands of unnecessary deaths by claiming that HIV did not cause AIDS, a scientist has said.

Nilay Shah, of Imperial College London, said that politicians such as Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has raised doubts about the science behind climate change, would be judged as harshly by future generations as those who questioned the medical evidence on AIDS.

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8 thoughts on “UK warmist prof: Climate skeptics like ‘AIDS deniers’”

  1. This is like a corollary to Godwin’s law; the warmist’s can’t help themselves. They must bring up denier or as in this case compare them with an aids denier.

  2. H’m. The AIDS deniers are Third World black socialist revolutionaries. That would make them the warmists’ natural allies.

  3. Doesn’t say much for the quality of educations being provided at institutions of higher learning does it? All that money wasted and they still can’t think.

  4. First, some of these climate change people may be around when the alleged effects kick in, though since they keep moving the dates forward, some may be 150 years old by then.

    It is fascinating, however, that the EXACT terminology applied to climate science is applied now to anyone who does not agree with any scientific theory: Deniers, consensus (the “consensus” is that HIV leads to AIDS, therefore, since consensus is bad….), and so forth. This is truly the death of any objectivity in science and the media and the return to the Dark Ages (also not Dark now, I read). Intimidation and name-calling, unified insults, berating, demeaning–all of it is killing whatever is left of science.

  5. This kind of tripe is so OTT that reasonable people just recoil, even if they are moderately concerned about AGW.

    It is especially repellent coming from those who have no qualms about people in developed countries dying because of fuel poverty, let alone people in poor countries who they hope to keep in their assigned place in Nature, ie in mud huts struggling with malaria.

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