Warmists continue attack on skeptical Baltimore meteorologist

Warmist Noel Levy writes in the Baltimore Sun:

It is now well-established that overheated air and water, caused by the burning of fossil fuels and other pollution, is having influencing our weather patterns. When I turn on the local television news, I expect to hear accurate reporting on these trends. That’s why I was disturbed to read in The Baltimore Sun that WBAL (Channel 11) meteorologist Tony Pann regularly denies human-induced climate change is even happening, let alone that it is impacting our weather. I’m joining other Baltimore-area residents to call on WBAL to publicly correct Mr. Pann’s misinformation and ensure that their entire news team begins reporting the facts about climate change and its impact on our weather.

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6 thoughts on “Warmists continue attack on skeptical Baltimore meteorologist”

  1. Heh. Not any country in Europe — not anymore. He won’t be too comfortable in England, I don’t think. Here he will be treated to the ever-increasing amounts of heresy even from public radio. I think Germany will be next, and it is going to be fun to behold. It already looks like a proud Asian country whose first order of business is saving face — which is a necessary prelude to an asset-saving scramble that will follow any time soon. Yeah, ship him over there.

  2. Gene: Ship Mr. Levy to any European country. There he would be greeted as a hero beoynd compare. Especially Germany, where electricity prices are going up at a two-figure percentage each year, would welcome him. If he happens to like snow, the Scandinavian countries would be like paradise for him. Especially as the new european carbon tax is going into operation life will be a dream for Mr. Levy and his likes.

  3. The concept of balance is, of course, a hostile one. With things in balance, there is no winning and no sense of victory, to which everybody with a high school diploma feels entitled. If it is not the kind of balance one gets after a landslide, or if things haven’t slid in a desired direction, it is a “false balance”.

    Fairness is likewise a hostile idea, because we now learn that one can be “too fair”.

  4. Bless Baltimore Sun article writer Levy for regurgitating the “false media balance” talking point that was seen as long ago as 1992, as I showed in this blog piece ( “Steven Schneider’s 1992 argument against balance in science reporting” http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/09/19/steven-schneiders-1992-argument-against-balance-in-science-reporting/ ), and in further depth here: ” ‘Media Too Fair to Climate Skeptics’, say reporters who’ve been unfair to skeptics” http://ow.ly/iWKi6

  5. They need to be given their own country somewhere far away, with their own TV that tells them everything they want to hear and nothing else.

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