Obama-Approved Electricity: Obama campaign becomes marketing arm of renewable energy firm

USA Today reports:

Organizing for Action also has formed a partnership that steers its volunteers to purchase wind and solar power from a single company with ties to liberal groups.

“While we are doing all of this work to advance the president’s agenda in Congress, we also want to do everything we can locally to help switch to clean energy,” said Ivan Frishberg, Organizing for Action’s climate-change manager.

Organizing for Action, for instance, will recommend that its volunteers and activists who want to purchase renewable energy for their homes and businesses consider signing up with Ethical Electric, a firm that currently sells wind power in four mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia and bills itself as a socially responsible energy supplier. It also has licenses that will allow it to expand to New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Ohio.

Organization for Action’s leaders “are trying to show people that it’s easy to make a change,” said Tom Matzzie, the president of Ethical Electric and a former Washington director of the liberal group MoveOn.org Political Action. “It’s an important role they can play in mobilizing people to participate in the clean-energy economy and not think that’s it just something that happens in Washington.”

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6 thoughts on “Obama-Approved Electricity: Obama campaign becomes marketing arm of renewable energy firm”

  1. “Ethical Electric buys clean electricity from local, renewable sources such as wind and solar.”
    Many states allows customers to choose to buy their electricity from other providers, including solar and wind.
    What this does is create another middleman, which skims off profits for itself, and then declares itself to be more ethical than everyobe else. A great scam.

  2. Same electrons whether you buy green or ungreen. OFA and the green power distributors seem to be going along with scam that the consumer is buying and getting green electricity. They are also in bed with municipalities to force consumers into paying higher prices for green electricity. I wonder if they are responsible for delivering only green electricity and are financially liable if they don’t deliver only green electricity. Sounds like an enterprising law firm has a ready-made class action suit.

  3. Like electrons can tell what what used to send them on their journey to your house. LOL!!!!!

  4. “When you enroll with Ethical Electric, you join a movement for change with America’s only progressive clean energy company.”

    AMAZING !!! How does it work?

    “Ethical Electric buys clean electricity from local, renewable sources such as wind and solar.

    We provide it to you via your local utility company. Your local utility company will deliver this energy on the same power lines. They will still read your meter and send you a bill. You’ll still send your payments into your utility company.”

    It will be as if Ethical [sic] Electric didn’t even exist !!!
    But, hey, who wouldn’t want to be part of a movement?

  5. If they buy renewable electricity they better have battery backup on appliances and electronics, and shouldn’t even consider driving an electric car.

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