10 thoughts on “Steve Milloy gives Michael Mann, Paul Ehrlich Twitter fits”

  1. He spends so much time tweeting and flying around speaking to sycophants. Does he ever do any actual climate science anymore?

  2. I like this one … “If behind every beard there was wisdom, goats would be prophets!”

  3. There is an ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times, and come to the attention of important people.”
    There is also an Arabian proverb: “Judge a man by the reputation of his enemies.”
    Speaking as a man who was once put out of work by a President during a State of the Union address, “Ya done good, boy!”

  4. … And he says he’s an unwilling public figure. I’ve got some prime underwater real estate I’ll sell before the price goes down to anyone who believes him.

  5. It’s a badge of honor, Steve. When a notoriously dishonest person like Mann attacks you, it means that you’re probably doing something right. If you weren’t catching flack, it would mean you weren’t over the target. (Gleick will probalby join the chorus soon.)

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