NO… Global warming not to blame for West Nile outbreaks

… enviro-fomented pesticide hysteria is.

The WaPo reports:

West Nile virus outbreaks are likely to flare up in the coming years, spurred on by warmer, longer mosquito seasons coupled with cuts in disease-control funding that leave authorities unprepared, according to two new studies.

After an all-time high in 2003 with nearly 10,000 cases and 264 dead, the virus backed off gradually for the remainder of the decade — until last year. In 2012, there were 5,674 cases and 286 deaths, almost twice the 2003 mortality rate.

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3 thoughts on “NO… Global warming not to blame for West Nile outbreaks”

  1. Notice how the report states “warmer, longer mosquito season” when it’s more likely that there was a “wetter, longer mosquito season”. Of course, no one is concerned about Global Wetting.

  2. Was it wetter in the affected areas in 2012 than the preceding years? I seem to recall mosquito abundance being somewhat related to the amount of rain.

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